SRC Pregnancy Leggings

Before I was pregnant with Eadie, I struggled with lower back issues. I worked two physical jobs, and took a lot of painkillers to get me through the days, along with wearing a back brace. Not long into my pregnancy with Eadie, I really hurt my back at work. I was always told to be … Continue reading SRC Pregnancy Leggings

I Didn’t Feel Anything For My Newborn Baby

I wanted to write about my personal experience after having my first child Eadie as I feel like it's a subject some mothers may be ashamed to speak about. At the time, I didn't know what was wrong with me. But over time I have understood my emotions at that moment, and am okay with … Continue reading I Didn’t Feel Anything For My Newborn Baby


So finally, the news is out! If you're not interested in seeing bulk pregnancy and baby spam-I suggest you unfollow me now! I didn't start my blog until after I had Eadie-so being able to share my pregnancy journey is a new, exciting thing for me. I thought I would write a blog about the … Continue reading WE’RE PREGNANT!