Hospital Baby Bag

flatlay of baby items for hospital bag in neutral colours

Last week I shared what I was packing in my personal hospital bag, so now I’m sharing what I’m packing for the baby!
flatlay of baby items for hospital bag in neutral coloursI will admit I found it a little harder to pack this time around…
With Eadie we ended up staying in hospital for longer then expected, and also being a summer baby I wasn’t sure on what sort of clothes to pack-also the fact I don’t know the sex this time around!!

I’ve also been given some more generous discount codes for you guys for some of the products I’ve packed below.
logos of business providing discount code for baby items

First Outfit
I have put our whole first outfit into a large zip lock bag. I found this was a great idea to do as it was easier for Daniel to be able to get it all out for the Midwives. There was no hassle of him pulling out single bits of clothing and trying to work out what was what. This way it’s all together-I also popped in a 00000 suit, just in case bubs is a bit smaller.
hospital bag first outfit for baby and swaddle and nappy bagIn my ‘First Outfit’ pack I have-
2x Grow Suits (1×00000 & 1×0000)
2x Press Stud Singlets (1×00000 & 1×0000)
1x Pair of Socks
1x Pair of Mittens
1x Beanie
1x Swaddle
2x Name Announcement Plaques
birth announcement wooden chalkboard plaque personalized name weight birth of baby

personalized wooden disc name announcement for babies birth(I’m shattered I can’t fully show you how adorable these personalized name announcement plaques are from This Old Love -I’ve blanked out the names; but please do check out the website to see the amazing range of products they have!
The chalkboard is a new product soon to be released, so keep your eyes open for it!)

Use Discount Code: TINYTONKINTALES15 Storewide

Zip Lock Bags
The rest of my clothing items I also have in zip lock bags, labelled with whats inside.
packing hospital bag baby items in ziplock bagsI have:
Grow Suits:
I have another 3 packed, so 5 all up.
Press Stud Singlets/Short & Long Sleeves:
The weather has been all over the place lately, one day its a sunny 40 degrees, the next its 20 degrees and pouring with rain! So I packed some long sleeve under suits for just in case it happens to be a cooler day.
I’ve also packed a couple pairs of leggings in case it is a warmer day, so we can just dress bubs in a button up singlet/tee with leggings.
Socks & Mittens:
I know some people are against putting mittens on newborns, but Eadie absolutely clawed her face not long after she was born, so until you are able to trim their nails I don’t see any harm in using them.
I’ve packed a few bibs this time around because Eadie threw up a lot of mucus from birth, which of course was going all over her clothing & swaddles she was wrapped up in. Having bibs this time will save me having to do a whole outfit change!
newborn baby bibs for dribble and vomit in neutral colorsThese bibs from Baby Beanz Boutique are the perfect size for newborns!
They’re super soft and have two different sized studs to do up.
Use Discount Code: TINYTONKS10 Storewide
(excludes The Mumma Midwife Co Range) 

newborn baby swaddles jersey cotton muslin rainbow and stars little turtle babyI have packed 3x swaddles all up.
2x Jersey Cotton, and 1x Muslin for if its a warmer day.
Swaddles were something we went through a lot of with Eadie because of the throwing up I just mentioned above.
When Eadie was a baby, I favored the Jersey Cotton wraps as I was able to stretch them and wrap her up tightly.
I found with the Muslin wraps I had that she wriggled out of them quite easy.
Being that its warmer months now, I wasn’t sure if Jersey Cotton would be too warm, but I have found these Little Turtle Baby Muslin Wraps that are generously sized-120cm x 120cm!
Which I feel will be a lot easier to wrap bubs up in then the smaller sized ones I had with Eadie.
Use Discount Code: TTT25 Storewide at Little Turtle Baby

Nappies & Disposable Nappy Bags:
I was able to easily fit a packet of newborn nappies into my nappy bag, so I packed the whole packet.
I’ve packed 1 large packet of wipes, and then also have a sample pack of water wipes too, just in case bubs skin reacts or is sensitive to the other ones I have.
I know dummies are another item that can be frowned upon to use straight away because they can cause latch confusion. When Eadie was born, she had to go under photo-therapy-this tiny newborn that was once curled up inside my warm body, was now naked, blindfolded and put into this incubator. She screamed! All I could do was stand there and watch her. It was heartbreaking. Eventually we worked out that the only way I could comfort her was by letting her suck my pinky finger through the whole in the incubator. I didn’t have any dummies with me as the hospital, so I had to send Daniel to go get some. This time I’m prepared-just in case!

Extra Bag At Home:
As mentioned in my blog on my hospital bag-I have an extras bag packed that I will be leaving at home with some more clothing and items that I will need if it turns out we need an extended stay.
I am lucky enough to only live 15 minutes from our local hospital-but I do know some people live hours away! So this could be an option to pack and leave in the car rather then at home.
brands4kids latasche nappy bag backpack in grey
The bag pictured above is the La TASCHE Urban from Brands4Kids that I am absolutely in love with! I keep unpacking and packing my bag just because it’s so much fun!
(I live a sad life, I know LOL)
If you haven’t already seen all its features and huge storage space and compartments, go and check out my story highlights!
Brands4Kids have also generously given a discount code for their whole entire store!
Use Discount Code: TINY20 Storewide

So, that’s what I’ve packed in my Hospital Bag for Tiny Tonkin Two!

Thanks for reading,

Ruby xx

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