Hospital Bag & Postpartum Items

Okay so I’ve finally got around to packing my hospital bag now!

I’ve made myself a check list which I’ll share below and then go to into some details of why I like/use those items.Wedding Planner ChecklistI’m also sharing some maternity items for after birth to help with recovery, comfort etc. and some tips I’ve learnt along the way!

I’ve approached some of the brands of some of the items I’m sharing and also got some discount codes for you too!
Untitled design
How generous of them!

I will share codes and links of where to buy below!

Now everyone’s hospital bags are different, what one person may find handy another person may never use.
So this is what I’m packing, second time around!

Nursing Tops:
You’re going to need easy access to those milk jugs once baby arrives!
I remember sitting up in the bed being hand milked by two midwives with Eadie-Daniel standing there staring in complete shock.
For around home I wasn’t too fussed on what type of nursing top I had-but as soon as I had to start feeding in front of visitors or out in public I soon discovered that I much preferred the nursing tops that you pulled up, hiding most of your breast-rather then the tops that dropped right down.
unnamed (5)It can be such as awkward thing to begin with, both you and your baby are learning how to do this whole feeding process, and then you’re also having to deal with the fact of exposing your boob out in public!
I also found that a lot of nursing tops were quite tight fitting around your waist (like come on-clearly us women using these tops have just given birth recently!)
I had to go back and purchase bigger sizes that fit over my deflated stomach.

In those first few weeks, I also suggest buying some cheap nursing tops/singlets from Kmart or Target-you can pick them up for about $8!

With milk leakages, you will be changing them quite often so it’s good to have a supply of them, and I also stained a few with nipple cream.

Save the prettier/better quality nursing items for when you’re heading out, or once you’ve stopped using nipple cream.
I will share some of my favorite pieces of nursing clothing in another post! So keep an eye out for it!

Feeding Friendly Pajamas
With Eadie, I had nursing tops but as soon as I got home I realized I didn’t have any feeding friendly PJ’s! So I had to duck to the shops to find something.
Because Eadie was a winter baby, I’ve had to go and purchase some summer PJ’s this time. I just grabbed some from Kmart-these nighties are soo comfy (I’ve actually been wearing this same style for years!) they’re a stretchy material so I just pull them down to feed in-and they’re only $8 each! unnamed
I also got a couple pairs of shorts & button up tee style for easy access to feed too, these were also just from Kmart for $15 a set.
unnamed (24)

Dark Bottoms
Whatever you decide to wear with your nursing tops (whether it be pants, skirt, shorts etc.) I highly suggest you pack dark colours. You’ll be having a lot of leakage after birth-so to save you the embarrassment just go with darker colours!
Also, make sure they’re comfortable and loose fitting-you’ll be very tender and swollen down there!

Maternity Underwear
In bigger sizes! unnamed (1)
I’ve gone up a couple sizes in mine-again, you’ll be tender and swollen so you don’t want anything too tight or that digs in (and that also fits over those huge maternity pads!)
If you can, also get dark colours!
All mine I had to purchase in packs of 3 multi colours-but I’ve packed all the darker shades in my hospital bag.

I have some from Kmart and also Target-they’re about $10-$15 for a 3 pack 🙂

Large Pads & Continence Pull Ups unnamed (3)
I can’t even remember what brands of maternity pads I used with Eadie-I just know I went through A LOT!
I had a small hemorrhage after Eadie, and then continued to bleed for 6 weeks!!
I was given a heap of different brands from family & friends who are done having babies-so I actually haven’t had to go buy any this time around.

At the hospital (which we were in for 5 days) I used continence aid pull-ups!
They were awesome! I then just put maternity pads inside of them.
They gave me that little bit more reassurance that if I did have a leak, it would be caught in the pull ups.
I just grabbed some home brand ones from Woolworths for $9 a pack.

Body Ice Women
These I actually haven’t personally used yet. I wanted the Maternity Pack back when I had Eadie-but I just never got around to purchasing…
So, what I was doing post birth was filling ziplock bags with ice cubes and sitting them inside my underwear 😳 not the most comfortable thing to be sitting on, but eventually the ice numbed everything.
unnamed (4)
I know these will get great use! I also love the fact that they can be used as ice packs as well as heat packs, so you can use the breast ones for helping with the let down of your milk too!

20% DISCOUNT CODE on ENTIRE BodyICE range (BodyICE Woman, BodyICE Kids, BodyICE Recovery)
Enter: TINYTONKINTALES at checkout on the website

Wipes/Soft Toilet Paper
I think we can all imagine (or know if you’ve birthed before) how tender you are down stairs after giving birth. Hospital toilet paper can be horrible! I suggest you pack yourself some good soft toilet paper of your own, and even some flushable wipes!

Nipple Cream, Nipple Shield, Hydrogel Breast Discs & Nursing Pads
unnamed (7)
Ohh those first few days of feeding are painful! Nipple cream will be your best friend!
Along with Hydrogel Breast Discs!
These were AMAZING!!!
I highly highly recommend getting some! (you can purchase as most supermarkets, chemists or Big W)
I kept them in the fridge so they were nice and cool and soothing, but they healed those cracked nipples perfectly!
I also ended up using a nipple shield just to give my nipples a break from the skin to skin contact-I know these can be not recommended as it can cause latch confusing but when I was in so much pain I was almost crying each feed, I just needed a little bit of relief.

Nursing pads-I didn’t have a specific brand I used with Eadie, I was actually given a few boxes from some friends so I used a few different brands, and this time around I’ve also been given a few boxes again.
But they are a MUST! Those milk jugs will be pouring, especially when feeding on one side, and there’s nothing more embarrassing then leaked milk all over your top while you’re out in public!
unnamed (14)I’ve also got some reusable nursing pads to try out this time around. The ones I have are from Cygnet Royale and are memory foam (they feel so soft!) and come in a gorgeous lace pattern! I’m obviously yet to try them out, but I will let you all know how I go with them!

Nursing Bras
This is something that is definitely worth spending good money on!
With Eadie, I just bought cheap nursing bras from Kmart, Target etc. and the quality was horrible. Nursing bra’s aren’t just every day bras-they need to be something that is going to fluctuate with your growing boobs, and be able to withstand the constant undoing of the clips to feed. I found the cheaper brands lost shape quite easily.
This pregnancy I spent some money on bras for myself-I obviously haven’t had the chance to actually breastfeed with them-but I have been wearing them daily for over half of my pregnancy so far.
I have been wearing two brands so far:
Hotmilk (I have an everyday T-shirt Bra, A Sportsbra & an ‘around home’ bra)

Bravadounnamed (8)
I have two of their seamless silk bras-and honestly they are so comfy!
I even slept in one, then the next morning I got up and put another bra on on top of it because I didn’t even notice I had one on already!!
I also have one of their pumping bras which I cannot wait to try! I think these are a MUST for any expressing Mum-hands free pumping! Yes please!

15% DISCOUNT CODE-use code RUBY15 at TheStorkNest.Com.Au

Maternitea unnamed281729
I purchased the third trimester pack back before I was even in my third trimester!
I’ve been drinking the different teas both hot, and as ice teas on those warm days!
To be completely honest I have never been a fan of herbal/flavoured teas-the only reason I tried these were because I was given a sample pack and they actually tasted good!
I’ve been drinking the Capacitea (raspberry leaf tea) since 27 weeks. I also enjoy the Serendipitea of a nighttime to help wind down, with sleep and also with muscle cramps! (in fact, I’m drinking one right now as I write this) unnamed (10)
I’ve also since purchased the recovery tea which will be packed in my hospital bag for after birth!

15% DISCOUNT CODE on Nursing Mama or Post Birth Recovery Packs-Use Code TINYTONKINTALES at checkout at  Maternitea.Com

Essential Oils unnamed (9)
If you follow me on Instagram you’d know how much I love essential oils.
I have a roller bottle blend which is suppose to help with contractions during labor. I will let you all know how this goes for me!

I will also be packing my Belly Oil-its made with all natural ingredients and calming essential oils.

Tiny Moons Australia

I also have a blend to help bring your milk in which I will let you know about once I’ve used it.

Boobie Bikkies unnamed (2)
I used these with Eadie and they honestly helped so much with bringing in milk!
I had a lot of trouble with my milk to begin with and had to go on tablets to help.
I didn’t try the Boobie Bikkies until she was a few months old-but this time I’ll be prepared! I know with your second child your milk usually comes in a lot quicker, but there’s no harm in packing them in my hospital bag-I mean they taste delicious regardless so why not!

This is a pretty simply one-pack your usually toiletries!
And remember
Hair Ties
There would be nothing worse then your sweaty hair being stuck to your face and back of neck and not having a hair tie to pull it back with!
A must for the toiletry bag. You can get so dehydrated and if having gas, your lips can get so dry! Make sure you’ve packed a good lip balm!

This first time Mum here wanted to do the right thing first birth-have nutritious snacks and drinks to get me through the exhausting ordeal.
There was no chance I was going to be eating nuts during labor!
This time I’ve packed all the good stuff-Lollies, Chocolate, Coke, Chocolate Milk, Gatorade-anything sweet and satisfying!

Phone Charger
Imagine if yours and your partners phones died after hours and hours of labour-and you not being able to take any photos of your newborn child!
Pack a spare charger cord in your hospital bag!
Because you’ll most likely forget them as you’re running out the door to the hospital!

Camera you own a camera, whether you use it or not-I suggest packing it just in case. Like I just stated above, imagine if both your phones died and you had nothing to photograph that special moment with!?
Oh, and make sure it’s fully charged and the memory card is empty too!

Pack some cash in your bag for the vending machines at the hospital. Hospital food can be gross at times, and also small servings. So be prepared with some coins to get one of your visitors to grab something from one of the vending machines.

Feeding App or Notepad unnamed282229
Birth can be traumatizing, you’re exhausted, possibly still high on drugs, and then you’ve got midwives coming in every hour or so asking
“when was the last feed?”
“how long did they feed for or how many Ml’s did they take?”
“which breast did you feed from?”
“when was the last nappy-was it wet?”

I couldn’t remember any of these answers! I knew I was feeding my baby and changing her nappy-but I wasn’t recording how long for or how wet the nappies were! unnamed282129
I ended up downloading an app on my phone where I could time each feed, and what boob I fed on. I also used my notes in my phone to record nappy changes. A notepad could work just as well though.

Contraction Timer App  unnamed (23)
When I was labouring at home with Eadie, I used an app on my phone to time my contractions. I’m sure there are a lot of apps available, but this was the one I used. It was much easier then trying to time them manually or write things down.

Gift for childunnamed281529
If you’re wanting to give your older child a ‘gift from baby’ make sure you’ve got it packed in your hospital bag!
I know some people have made a whole other bag for their first child, filled with activities and have kept it in the car leading up to the big day.
I was stuck for a while on what to get Eadie-I didn’t want to make her a whole activity bag to keep her ‘entertained’ because I wanted her to meet and bond with her new sibling, rather then be playing with new toys.
I ended up buying her a Doctors Kit from Kmart for $12!
She has loved playing with them in the waiting rooms at my appointments throughout the pregnancy, and I thought this could be a great way for her to ‘play’ with her new sibling at the hospital, by listening to their heart, taking their temperature etc.

Extra Bag at Home
You never know whether you’re going to be in hospital for 1 day, 1 week or even longer.
Its a good idea to have an ‘extras’ bag packed for you and bubs and leave at home.
With Eadie I ended up staying in for 5 nights-Daniel was being told each day to bring up more nappies, and clothes for her and I.
He’d be calling me from home asking
“What pads am I getting? The pink ones or the blue ones?”
“A grey nursing singlet? You’ve got 4 grey singlets in this draw!? How do I know what a nursing singlet is!?”
It would of been much better if I had a backup bag for him to just grab and bring up, so I’ll be prepared this time around-just in case!

Don’t forget a bag for the Dad to be!
Or pop their stuff into your bag if it’ll fit.
You might not have to take their bag up to the maternity ward with you, but it’s a good idea to keep one in the car.
For Daniel I only packed some spare clothing-but this time around I’ll be adding some earphones (it can be a long time waiting around for us) a phone charger for him, and some snacks also.

Hopefully I have given some of you expecting Mumma’s some ideas and help with packing your hospital bag.
I’d love to know if there’s anything you’d suggest to pack that I haven’t mentioned above!

Thanks for reading,

Ruby xx



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