SRC Pregnancy Leggings

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Before I was pregnant with Eadie, I struggled with lower back issues.
I worked two physical jobs, and took a lot of painkillers to get me through the days, along with wearing a back brace.
Not long into my pregnancy with Eadie, I really hurt my back at work.
I was always told to be cautious of heavy lifting etc. but I didn’t realize just how weak pregnancy makes your muscles.
I’d spasmed my lower back muscles which caused nerve pain-I could barely walk!
After some time off and visiting my physiotherapist I began to feel better, and returned to work.
A work colleague told me about SRC pregnancy shorts that she wore throughout her pregnancy underneath her work pants-I searched them on the internet, and there was a stall that weekend at my local shopping centre!
I went and got measured up and bought a pair-and I don’t think I took them off for the remainder of my pregnancy!
It was like an instant relief for me-I had extremely weak glute muscles, which caused my lower back and hips to also be extremely weak.
My SRC pregnancy shorts seemed to just hold everything together-they gave me so much support and comfort.
I ended up buying a second pair to rotate through washing days, and even wore them to bed some nights.
Photo 18-10-18, 5 13 33 pm
This pregnancy, I wanted to get a full length pair of leggings to wear to my gym classes, along with as everyday pants (because active wear is basically pregnant mums uniform right?)
Photo 18-10-18, 5 14 28 pm
During pregnancy you can start to experience pain and discomfort associated with pelvic instability, vulval varicosities, lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic joint inflammation and varicose veins.
SRC pregnancy shorts and leggings are a gentle medical  grade graduated compression garment (4mmHg-15mmHg)  and can help ease the strains of pregnancy, provide support and aid mobility without deactivating your muscles which can happen with garments and aids like belly belts that may have a higher level of compression. This is why SRC garments provide 24-hour wearability and pain relief during and after pregnancy.
Photo 18-10-18, 5 11 29 pmI wear one of my SRC pregnancy garments daily, I notice such a difference when wearing them, not just for my lower back, but the support of my pelvic floor and hips.

Photo 18-10-18, 5 15 45 pmI was able to work up until 38 weeks when pregnant with Eadie, along with renovating and painting our home right up until she was born.
I wanted to keep up my morning gym routines this pregnancy-and I honestly think these leggings have helped me in being able to maintain my exercise this pregnancy.
Being my second pregnancy, I also have a toddler I have to carry around daily as well as the baby growing inside of me-so any extra support to my back and hips is fantastic!
Photo 18-10-18, 5 12 44 pm
If you’re having trouble with any of the above things I’ve mentioned, I highly recommend looking into the SRC Health range.
They also have a recovery range which is great for speeding up recovery after birth, healing from perineal wounds, C-Section and abdominal muscle separation (DRAM).

SRC Health

If you have any other questions about the SRC leggings we use, please feel free to ask and I’d be happy to help.Photo 18-10-18, 5 16 12 pmThanks for reading!

Ruby xx



Images taken by: Annmaree Strattan
Edited by: Ruby Collis


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