The Not So Joyful Parts Of Pregnancy

It wasn't until the other day, as I was sitting there aching, tired, moody and teary that I started thinking about all of those little things us women deal with through pregnancy that we either don't speak about because its waaay TMI for others, or because it's just a normal thing for you to be feeling because well, you're pregnant...


So finally, the news is out! If you're not interested in seeing bulk pregnancy and baby spam-I suggest you unfollow me now! I didn't start my blog until after I had Eadie-so being able to share my pregnancy journey is a new, exciting thing for me. I thought I would write a blog about the … Continue reading WE’RE PREGNANT!

How I Budget

A lot of people often message me asking how I budget and if I use a certain layout/template. So I thought I would share some details about how I manage our money. I obviously have no professional experience in this, how I manage our finances is just something I have found that works for us.. … Continue reading How I Budget