So finally, the news is out! If you're not interested in seeing bulk pregnancy and baby spam-I suggest you unfollow me now! I didn't start my blog until after I had Eadie-so being able to share my pregnancy journey is a new, exciting thing for me. I thought I would write a blog about the … Continue reading WE’RE PREGNANT!

About Me

Hi, my names Ruby and I'm 24 years old. I live in a small old house in Gippsland, Victoria with my partner Daniel and daughter Eadie. Since becoming a mum, my lifestyle has changed a lot. I used to work 2 jobs, working 7 days a week and some late nights. After having a baby, … Continue reading About Me

Love At First Swipe!

Daniel and I met on Tinder (how romantic hey!?) I guess you could say it was love at first swipe!He moved into my full, family household after 6 months of us dating, and within less then another 6 months we had to get out of there and into our own space! We bought a tiny … Continue reading Love At First Swipe!