So finally, the news is out!


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I didn’t start my blog until after I had Eadie-so being able to share my pregnancy journey is a new, exciting thing for me.


I thought I would write a blog about the start of our pregnancy, just to answer any questions people may be wondering, and also some that have been asked 🙂


Firstly, yes the baby is Daniels (well, as far as I know anyway!)
We are 13 weeks along, due 19th Feb 2019.
There will be 20 months between Eadie and Tiny Tonkin Two-2 under 2!


Yes, we were trying-we were trying for a while actually.
How did we know when was the right time to try for Baby No.2?
I think as soon as my body healed from giving birth to Eadie, I was ready to go again LOL!
Daniel and I both wanted our children close in age.
As much as I still got the mum guilt of  ‘do I want to spend more time enjoying just Eadie and watching her grow’ I know that having them close together will mean they will have a strong relationship, and I don’t think there is anything better in this world we could give Eadie then a sibling to grow up with!


It wasn’t until I stopped breastfeeding that I fell pregnant. I guess that’s also why I didn’t really struggle with ending my breastfeeding journey with Eadie.
We had been trying for about 6 months and I sort of thought that might have been what was stopping it from happening.
But everything happens for a reason and I’m sure this timing is what’s perfect for our family-we are so blessed to already have one child, and now another on the way is even more amazing.


How did I find out?
Obviously because we were trying for awhile, I was taking tests really regularly-Daniel was evening yelling at me because I’d be peeing on a stick the day after having sex.
(I was testing for the weeks beforehand, I promise!) haha
Then finally one morning I got the faintest line ever, I thought I was seeing things. I kept testing each morning (Daniel was away for the weekend) and it got darker each day.
I had plans to do something cute with Eadie to surprise Daniel when he arrived home-but he could tell from my face straight away and said “you’re pregnant aren’t you?”


How have I been feeling?
I was only 4 weeks along when we found out, feeling fine-until I hit around 6-7 weeks when the nausea started. I only ever suffered from a bit of nausea with Eadie-I was really lucky!
Come 8 weeks this time around, and the spewing started, a couple times a morning soon turned into numerous times a day, and waking up at 12am, 2am to vomit still.
I’ve been taking tablets since which have helped, but I still might occasionally throw up, and feel a bit icky most days-but hopefully that will soon come to an end.
As for cravings, mostly just fruit juice, and coke the last couple weeks!
Because I’ve been feeling ‘off’ the last couple months, my eating habits have just been crap.
Carbs, Chocolate, Cake, Carbs and more Chocolate!


Are we going to find out the gender?
We (and by we, I mean I) don’t want to find out the gender this time around!
With Eadie, Daniel and I were both so eager to have a boy! I never imagined myself having a daughter-I didn’t even know what to do with girls.
Now, we could happily have 3 girls and I wouldn’t care!
As long as my babies healthy, that’s all that matters to me.
Daniel isn’t fussed either-he hopes its another girl so its perfect again like Eadie-bless him!
Our nursery is neutral-grey and white. I never went overboard with ‘pink or girly’ things. I have so much neutral new born clothing, blankets etc. that whatever the outcome-we’ll be set!
I just think it will be absolutely amazing to get that surprise after all that hard work.


Will I be giving birth at a private or public hospital?
Public, our local hospital where Eadie was born is great, and I was also born there too which makes it a little bit special 🙂


Will I continue to work after having Baby No.2?
Honestly, I don’t know!
At the moment, I don’t HAVE to work-but I do because the flexibility of my shifts makes it easy to manage Eadie being watched-so we don’t have to worry about childcare fees.
But working allows for that extra money for holidays and luxuries etc.
So we will just see how things are going financially and see. I am able to work weekends in my workplace so I could always work 1 shift a weekend or fortnight for a little extra cash.


Thanks for reading!
I’m hoping that once I start to feel a bit better again I can continue writing some more blogs!



Feel free to ask any other questions you may like to know 🙂 xx


Photos by: @strattan.photography 

6 thoughts on “WE’RE PREGNANT!

  1. Gorgeous family photos and beautiful written.
    Tiny tonkin 2 will be love as much as tiny tokin
    Love you to you all


  2. Well that was just beautiful to read, I love the quote of Daniel, “Daniel isn’t fussed either-he hopes its another girl so its perfect again like Eadie-bless him!”
    Its fantastic that you have decided to have a surprise this time round. It fills my heart to read your story, see the love in your growing family that you have for each other and your journey so far.
    Congratulations I cant wait for the next chapter to unfold.
    Love, love, love.


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