About Me

Hi, my names Ruby and I’m 25 years old.
I live in a little old house in Gippsland, Victoria with my partner Daniel and two daughters Eadie & Dottie.
sisters newborn photo
Since becoming a mum, my lifestyle has changed a lot.
I used to work 2 jobs, working 7 days a week and some late nights.
After having a baby, I didn’t want to have to work full time, I wanted to spend my time with my daughters at home-but to do so we had to make some changes to our lifestyle.
I cut back on our everyday living costs, which has enabled me to be able to quit my full time job. In between the two girls I worked a few hours a week casually for some extra spending money,  but now I am currently on Maternity Leave after just having our second daughter.
I love sharing our everyday life, adventures, and ways to cut back and save money.
Our dream has always been to travel Australia, showing our girls the beautiful country we live in. We have been slowly achieving this with small trips, but one day hope that we can pack up the car and head on an extended trip.

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