Hooray Heroes Personalised Book

You all know I’m a sucker for anything personalized! Especially books!

I remember having books as a child with the characters names the same as my family members and they were always my favorite!

We recently received a personalized book from Hooray Heroes which have just launched in Australia!

Not only has it got Eadie and Daniel’s names inside the book, I was able to create the characters in the book to look like them!

This book is something special they can read together before bed-talking about the fun things they do together like riding a bike, or working in the shed with tools.

Eadie and Daniel have such a strong relationship-Eadie loved being able to see her Daddy and her in a book together and relate to the story. I find that she really focuses on stories when she can connect to the characters!

When creating your book you can also put your own personalized message on the first page.

Whenever I gift a book to someone I always make sure I write a personalized message inside of it so that every time it is read the owner can remember where it come from and what occasion it was gifted.

I have books from my childhood that have messages written in them and they are SO special to me.

Hooray Heroes personalized books are the PERFECT gift for your child to give to their Daddy for Father’s Day!

You can create your own personalized book here-https://hoorayheroes.com.au/personalised-books-for-children

Use Code: TINYTONKINTALES15 for 15% off

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