Munchkin Latch Bottle

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We have had continual success with this @munchkin_anz Latch Bottle after some struggles with Dottie not taking a bottle! 🍼 She had a bottle as a newborn when I topped her up without any hassles. Then once I didn’t need to top her up anymore, I didn’t bother. When I went to try give her a bottle again months later, she wouldn’t take to one-was pushing it around in her mouth and wouldn’t drink. I tried a few different types of bottles I had here at home, then remembered I had one of these in the cupboard brand new that I’d never opened! The next time I tried her with a bottle she took to it, and has ever since! Phew! Because as a breastfeeding Mum it’s hard enough leaving your baby at times (or, your boobs get hard enough 😜😂) so knowing she’s now happily taking a bottle has taken away some of the stress of leaving her. I have an event coming up in a couple weeks time that will be the longest I’ve left her for 😱 Pray for my boobs 😂

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