Love At First Swipe!

Daniel and I met on Tinder (how romantic hey!?) I guess you could say it was love at first swipe!He moved into my full, family household after 6 months of us dating, and within less then another 6 months we had to get out of there and into our own space!
We bought a tiny little old house just outside of town which we absolute love-even if it does need a lot more work done to it.
We’ve done some renovations, and have dreams and plans of more to come.
Daniel and I are both very easy going people, we never fight, neither of us can lie, we always see the brighter side to things, Daniel thinks he’s a comedian, and I enjoy laughing at his attempts to be funny.
We bonded over our interest in spending weekends out the bush, 4WDing and camping. We both cant think of anything worse then paying hundreds of dollars to spend a night in a hotel room in the city (maybe he just likes the fact I’m a cheap date!?)
I was just happy I had someone else to spend my weekends out exploring with other then my own Dad (although him and Daniel are now joint at the hip-couldn’t get rid of him that easily!)
We have dreams of driving around and exploring Australia bit by bit-it was on our first trip together last year, while half way across the Simpson Desert that Daniel turned to me (after a few too many beers) and said
“So serious question-are we actually going to try for a baby when we get home?”
I had been telling Daniel for months that when our holiday was over we were going to have a baby-typical me, talking crap non stop about wanting a baby, which Daniel always took no notice of.
Well apparently not this time-I was shocked, and scared!
After all these years of being extremely clucky, a male actually wanted to have a baby with me!!
We both wanted to be able to explore Australia, and life in general with our children by our side.
It might take us a bit longer now to achieve our goals because of money, rather then if it was just the two of us, but it will be so worth and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
So, I guess you can all picture what happened when we got home from our trip!
6 weeks later and that little pink line showed up-and on May 19th 2017 we welcomed our beautiful little girl Eadie into the world.
We’ve since planned our first family trip to Fraser Island next March which we cannot wait for!


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