Using A Menstrual Cup For The First Time

My First Time Using A Menstrual Cup 🩸

I had been wanting to try a menstrual cup for years! But I was always so confused about the sizing and didn’t want to invest in one and then it not fit. They always said things like ‘if you’re this age or if you’ve had children you should try this size’ but I just wasn’t convinced that guessing would work-I mean, everyone’s bodies are SO different!?

Then I stumbled across The Hello Cup which had a much better guide to measuring what size cup I would need.

I won’t lie-you’ve gotta get quite up close and personal with your body, but I just did it in the shower.

I’ll pop a link below to explain how to measure where your cervix sits.

Cup Size Guide

Once I had measured how far up my cervix sat I could work out what size I needed. I got the Double Box which is a great idea for those who aren’t 100% sure and I’m so glad I did because I ended up needing to use the smaller size then what I originally thought I was.

When I got my cup I wasn’t on my period, so I thought it was a good time to practice inserting and removing it while it wasn’t going to be ‘messy’

I did this again in the shower and I actually had no troubles at all! Inserting it was easier then a tampon and you don’t have to stick your finger as far up in as you would a tampon. Like with a tampon, you can feel it for the first 10-20 seconds you’ve inserted it-but as soon as you get up and walk around you forget it’s even in there! I kept it in while I showered and then squatted down to remove it. Removing it was a weird feeling. It obviously doesn’t come out as easy as what a tampon would because of its size. I had heard stories of people removing them for the first time and making a huge mess from spillage, but because it didn’t come out so easily/quickly I didn’t have any troubles with spillages.

My period arrived one night so I put in the smaller cup to begin with. Again, I had no troubles with inserting it and I went to bed comfortably.

The next morning I removed it, I had had very small leakage but it could have been from not inserting it correctly or even some that had already come down below the cup before inserting.

I didn’t make any mess or have a spillage when removing and the cup was quite full being day one!

It’s so interesting to see your blood that way, not soaked into something.

Because it was the first actual day of my period I decided to then try the larger sized cup. As soon as I inserted I started to get period cramps. I thought they might go away after a couple minutes but they only got worse.
I messaged The Hello Cup on Instagram and asked if it was normal and they told me it wasn’t, and that perhaps my cup was too big and touching my cervix causing it to cramp.

I removed it and went back to the smaller size and it felt much better!

I was going camping that day and because I was still trying to learn how to use it correctly I decided to not take it away with me.

I was only gone for 1 night (2 days) so when I come back home I tried the smaller cup again and had no troubles with cramping.

I continued to use it day and night for the remainder of my period (my cycle usually lasts around 7 days) and let’s just say I am converted!!

I was having trouble with feeling the toggle of the cup at one point too, and again asked for some guidance and if I was using it correctly. When inserting your cup you have to insert on a backwards angle rather then upwards like you would a tampon. Once I got the angle correct on insertion I had no troubles at all!

As you guys know, I usually use Modi Bodi underwear during my period-I did continue to wear these just in case I had any leakages but I didn’t end up having anymore leaks!

I didn’t go swimming or to the gym that week either to test it out with both of those activities but I will keep you guys informed with how it goes when I do!

Below are some questions you asked in my question box in my stories.


How does it feel to wee & squat down?

Honestly, I cannot even feel it’s inside!

Do you use tampons? Is it similar feeling to them?

Yes and No.

Insertion is obviously a different feeling because you fold the cup up, insert and then it opens up inside you, and you insert on a different angle to what you would a tampon.

I think the cup feels more natural to insert rather then a tampon and there’s no ‘friction’ like with a tampon.

I personally hate using tampons and find them so uncomfortable, especially when swimming. I mean, they just get soaked up with chlorine water 🤢 the cup doesn’t actually soak up any other fluids so it’s a lot easier to remove too because you have your natural moisture still.

It doesn’t ‘swell’ when it’s full therefore meaning you don’t feel it inside you like you can a tampon.

Is it messy? 🙊

I had no issues with mess, and to be honest found it even cleaner to remove then a tampon. Because the cup is stopping all of the blood from coming down-the toggle part you hold to remove is quite clean! It doesn’t fly out of you when you remove so I had no splatters or spills 😂 I found it quite easy to remove and empty.

Are you worried it will get stuck?

I have heard some stories of women having trouble getting them out, but I had also been told what to do if you struggle. Being relaxed is the main thing, and pushing down like you’re doing a poo helps to bring it down too 😂

There was a couple times I had a little trouble being able to pinch the base to remove the suction but I just remained calm, pushed my muscles forward and got it the second or third time. I wasn’t stressed about it-I was at home and comfortable and knew it would eventually come out 🙂

Do you have to sterilize it every time you remove it?

Nope-you sterilize it at the beginning and end of your cycle.

You just rinse out with cold water (or wipe out with toilet paper if you don’t have water) whenever you empty it.

How often do you empty it?

I guess it all depends on your person cycle.

Definitely a lot less then you would change a tampon! You can leave them in for 8-12 hours but some people find they need to empty a few times a day on heavier days, then only once during the day (morning and night) on lighter days.

There are many different Menstrual Cups on the market-but the one I have been using is called The Hello Cup.

I have popped a link to their website so you can do your own research whether it is suitable for you-but some of the main reasons I preferred this cup over others were:

•It’s made with Medical Grade TPE and contains no BPAs, heavy metals, rubber, latex. The colours used are certified food grade and have the tick to comply with EU and FDA standards. 

•It’s made in New Zealand

•It was designed by a Nurse

•They have lots of pretty colours!

If you’re keen to give The Hello Cup a go yourself, I have a Discount Code: TINYTONKIN

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, or even message The Hello Cup on Instagram because they were SO helpful to me!

Ruby xx

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