How Having My Daughter Taught Me To Stop Wasting So Much Money

IMG_0154I have made a lot of changes to the way we spend money since having our daughter Eadie.
After having Eadie, my paid maternity leave payments took almost 3 months to come in-so I had no choice but to cut back on spending-and once I did, I realized how easy it is and how much money I was wasting!
So I have continued to live by that strict budget, and been able to put our money towards other things, such as a family holiday and renovating our home.
Money never used to worry me, although I always saved some of it, I’d spend spend majority of it on who even knows what!
My grocery bill was a huge one-I’d walk in, grab whatever off the shelf, not even looking at the prices or for sales-and I also found that because I wasn’t meal planning, half of it would just sit in the fridge and go off, and end up being chucked in the bin! Soo much food going to waste!
Some simple changes like meal planning,  looking out for sales and buying the best value for money, buying fresh produce from wholesale stores rather then the supermarket (because they charge up to and sometimes over 3x the price!!) and really digging through my pantry and fridge when I’m running short on food rather then racing to the store to buy more, and baking snacks and treats instead of buying them.
I have almost halved by weekly grocery bill, and if anything we eat healthier now as I avoid buying any packaged, processed foods!
I will be sharing a lot more tips on this blog on how to cut back on everyday expenses-I have also shared a lot in the past through my Instagram account posts for anyone who is interested.
If there is anything in particular people would like me to share, please let me know as I am more then happy to help.

Thanks for reading x

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