Playing In The Rain & Colour Changing Rain Jacket

Eadie absolutely loves being outdoors-she'd spend all day out there if I let her! She recently got a new Rain Jacket from Upper Notch Club, which changes colour when it gets wet-so today while we were stuck indoors with no activities on and no power-I decided to let her run wild outside in the rain [...]

Dottie’s 1st Birthday

As you guys know, I've been trying to make changes in our household in terms of being more sustainable. One thing I have noticed is how much single use plastics there are at birthday parties and other events. Those amazing balloon garlands-where does that all end up once the party is finished? The plastic plates, [...]

Easter Gift Guide

We all know the best part about Easter is getting all that yummy chocolate! But once you have children-you really don't want to be over loading them with sweets, and it can be difficult to find Easter Themed gifts to give them. Below I have sourced some amazing Easter items to gift your family members, [...]

A Merry Tonkin Christmas Gift Guide

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Dottie’s Birth

Dottie’s Birth

I feel I should start this post by giving you a quick recap of Eadie's birth, so that you can understand the difference between the two experiences I had. On Thursday morning at 3am-3 days overdue I went into labour naturally at home. My contractions were quite close together, but as the morning went on [...]

The Not So Joyful Parts Of Pregnancy

The Not So Joyful Parts Of Pregnancy

It wasn't until the other day, as I was sitting there aching, tired, moody and teary that I started thinking about all of those little things us women deal with through pregnancy that we either don't speak about because its waaay TMI for others, or because it's just a normal thing for you to be feeling because well, you're pregnant...