Mustela Stelatopia Range

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Back in October last year we were given some samples of @mustelaau Stelatopia range to try. I loved the fact that it was made from ingredients of natural origin, as well as being fragrance free (because fragrances are FULL of chemicals) 🥑🌻 The day we got it I put some of the moisturizer on Eadies inflamed eczema, and the following morning it had almost cleared. I actually couldn’t believe it! (I wish I took a before and after photo!!) We’ve continued to use their products and Eadies eczema has completely disappeared 😱 I honestly have not seen her itch since! The products we were using beforehand always kept it under control, but it was always still there and she still scratched. Dottie’s skin cleared heaps with using their products too. When we went away camping over Christmas I forgot to take any of their creams and washes and Dot’s skin become so inflamed 😫 Once we got home and started using it again it completely cleared up. She will have small flare ups now behind the back of her legs from sunscreen and crawling around on the grass etc. but after a bath and moisturize it settles right back down. If you swipe ➡️ you can see Dots underarm at its worst. She had this red, inflamed part of her underarm since birth. I had tried EVERYTHING! Sudocrem, cornflour, steroid cream, antifungal, coconut oil, paw paw, basically every cream we owned and nothing ever got rid of it. Up until about a month ago, I just stopped putting all these extra creams on it and just used the Stelatopia moisturizer (I was using it on the rest of her body but always put something else on her underarm because of how red and angry it was) and that finally cleared up too! 10 months of trying different things and now it’s gone!! 👏🏻 If you’re struggling with your child’s skin, or maybe just want a more natural bath and skin range for your child-I honestly cannot recommend @mustelaau products enough!! You can look on their website to find out what range will best suit your child’s (or your) skin too ☺️ *you can find their products at independent pharmacies or online at Amazon

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