Little Rascals Nappies

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So, we are on to our 3rd packet of @rascalandfriends nappies now-so I think that says a lot about how we feel about them! After having a few leaking nappy issues with Dot, I had been trying different brands to see if we could find one that worked for us. I never had nappy issues with Eadie-we always used Coles brand, but when I tried them for Dot we kept having leakages. I guess not every nappy works for every child 🤷🏼‍♀️ We’ve tried Cubs, Babylove, Huggies, Little Ones, Aldi, and lastly after lots of recommendations from you guys-we finally tried Rascal and Friends! And they get the tick of approval from us ✅ When I first got them, my thoughts were ‘these are too pretty for nappies’ and also that they didn’t feel like they would be very absorbent… But, they proved me wrong! We’ve had no overnight leakages or poop explosions, they don’t sag or start to smell when they are full, I can buy them at my regular supermarket (Coles) and the best part-they don’t cost a fortune! Because really, who wants to spend big $$ on something you literally fill with sh*t 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Do you use Rascal and Friends Nappies? #notacollab #justreviewingforyouguys

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