Aldi Nappies

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We’ve been trialing the new Aldi nappies for over a week now-if you have been following along for awhile, you would know we tried the Mamia nappies when Dottie was a newborn and I wasn’t a fan! But the new range has definitely converted me! They have an additional layer of absorbancy, new stretchy sides and a wetness indicator for an additional comfort, fit and leakage protection-and a super cute animal print 😜 Eadie is only wearing nappies during the night now, but she was wetting through a couple nights a week with our usual nappies. We haven’t had any leaks with the new Mamia range! For either girls! But the best part of all is-they are so cheap! 👏🏻 They are available in store now! I’d love to hear how you guys find them if you give them a try! #ALDIMamiaNappies #Gifted #ALDICollab #ALDIHaul @ALDIAustralia

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