Playing In The Rain & Colour Changing Rain Jacket

Eadie absolutely loves being outdoors-she’d spend all day out there if I let her!

She recently got a new Rain Jacket from Upper Notch Club, which changes colour when it gets wet-so today while we were stuck indoors with no activities on and no power-I decided to let her run wild outside in the rain and muddy puddles!

She had an absolute ball, running up and jumping into the puddles!

She loved watching the colours change on her Rain Jacket too-from white cupcakes to bright and colorful cupcakes!

They also have a matching umbrella that does the same thing!

I think it’s so important to let children enjoy these moments-getting messy and involved with nature. I hope that she remembers moments like this when she’s older, how fun and playful her childhood was.

She was wet and muddy-but nothing a warm bath afterwards could fix and a washing machine to clean the clothes.

She burnt off some energy then had some down time in the bath afterwards.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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